Simple but Functional – Reduced Data Entry = Happy Sales People

This was one of those things that had been languishing on my to-do list for a while. It was a nice thing to do when time permitted but something always took precedent even though it didn’t take long to do. Sometimes a poke from a user helps elevate things in the list.

Request from SF Ticket – I have been working in SF today and noticed that when you move a contact from one account to another the contact’s address doesn’t automatically change to that of the new account – is there any way to change this so that it happens automatically without having to manually go in and edit the contact and update the new address?

Solution – A new process was built that will automatically copy the 10 related address fields when the Contact’s AccountID is changed.

  • Accounts billing address details copied to the Contacts Mailing address and
  • Accounts shipping address details copied to the Contacts Other address

Step 1 – Create a New Process with Process Builder.Select Contact as the Object.


Step 2 – Enter the criteria to trigger the process. The contacts Account ID will change when the Account is changed so our criteria is: Contact.Account ID IS Changed = TRUE.


Step 3 – Match up the Account Address Fields to your Contact Address Fields. In this case, Account Billing Address maps to Contact Mailing Address fields and Account Shipping Address maps to Contact Other Address. Note the highlights portion below regarding mapping.



Step 5 – Sit back and watch happy users.


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