“Dropping” into the blog space

How many web or blog pages have you visited? How many of those pages visited did you find yourself contemplating the landing page images? Honestly, I couldn’t recall any and never gave it much thought until now.

Inspired to create a blog page, I jumped into WordPress not knowing what to expect. The learning curve was there but not insurmountable even for an “old” guy like myself. Many clicks, back buttons, and exacerbated sighs later the basic layout was done, a theme was settled on and links added. ‘Hey, this isn’t so hard’ I thought! Then came….the images…specifically the banner.

Kudos to Salesforce branding because as soon as you think SF.com you think of those clouds so that’s the road I started down. I mean after all it is a Salesforce blog. Finding public stock photos, saving, loading cropping previewing again and again until finally – success! I sat back and looked the screen expecting to be satisfied with my blog build acumen – wohoo time to celebrate!…Or not.

I starred at the screen for a while trying to figure out what was wrong. Why didn’t it feel right? What was missing? What was amiss? It was the image!

Those darn clouds! Not because there is anything wrong with them of course. As SF admins we love the clouds, but for me, on this space – nah-uh. I wanted something that represented me and us – the solo admins.  I took a lot longer to find an image that really fit with the image in my mind but eventually I found one that was synonymous. The water drop.

Solo Administrators who work alone, whether it’s supporting one or hundreds of users, are a drop in a pool but a drop that has a large impact. The things we do, the things we build, the innovations we make or the things we simply maintain have an impact that spread across our organizations like ripples in a pond. Most people won’t notice a single drop but they will be glad when they have water not knowing exactly how it got there. That may be a bit convoluted or overly philosophical but hopefully makes the point.

So there you have it. That’s how I picked my header image and the angst and consternation it caused me. The next time you’re surfing blogs take a second to think what the images on that page say to you.water-drop1


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